Fishing in California

Guided fishing trips

San Francisco Bay

Sacramento Delta

Neptune Sportfishing summer fishing grounds
Neptune Sportfishing winter fishing grounds

Two renowned sportfishing areas

Golden Gate Bridge

The Neptune fishes outside the Golden Gate, along the Marin Coast, up to Bodega Bay or out to the Farallons.

Or you can fish in San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay, Sacramento River, Montezuma Slough and throughout the Sacramento Delta.

Spring/summer fishing

From March to October we run charters out of Alameda Marina, California.

We fish the bay for halibut, bass, and sharks.

We also run charters to the Farallon Islands and up the marine coast to Point Reyes.

Fall/winter fishing

From October through February we run charters from Pittsburg Marina, California.

Fall and winter fishing is the best time to fish Inland Delta for sturgeon and bass. When the rains come and the water temps drop, sturgeon and bass move inland looking for their favorite foods.

It's very exciting using light tackle and live bait for bass. When you hear the scream of the reel, you just never know how big the catch may be.

Each trip is personalized for you and your group

We provide the gear

All tackle is provided (as well as hands-on help and guidence from Captain Stan) so, depending on the season, you can fish for sturgeon, striper, salmon, halibut, shark, and albacore with nothing on your mind but having fun.


It's a day you'll remember

Large fish held up by fisherman

Your souvenirs

All fish caught are put immediately on ice. Captain Stan will clean and bag your fish for you at the end of the trip.

Some of our happy customers...

The Neptune

The Neptune is a 30 foot Seaswirl Striper, with the wide Alaskan Package. It is exceptionally comfortable and includes a restroom and indoor seating with heat and air-conditioning. The Neptune is a boat that is very dependable, fast, and stable in all types of water.

The Neptune
Stan Lewis and friend

Meet your captain

Captain Stanley Lewis is a US Merchant Marine Officer with 30 years experience and holds a Masters near Coastal NMT Captain's license for vessels up to 100 tons.

Captain Stan thoroughly enjoys taking guests out on the Neptune and sharing his favorite pastime of sportfishing with others. He will offer you all the assistance you need to reel in the big ones. If fishing conditions aren't ideal, because of the weather, or the fish aren't biting, Captain Stan has the flexibility to point the Neptune in a different direction that would better ensure a successful catch, or calmer waters.

U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Bonded & Insured

Reserve your spot on the Neptune!

Go with friends, join a group, or charter the boat for the day for yourself or for a corporate outing.

— Captain Stan Lewis

Contact Captain Stan to find out more!